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Club History

Centurion Canoe Club (CCC) was founded in 1984 after Centurion Lake was built. The Club was originally known as Verwoerdburg Canoe Club and the club house was located in the basement of one of the buildings on the northern side of the (then known) Verwoerdburg Lake.

The Canoe club acquired a few K2 club boats in 1985, and the Club’s constitution was drawn up in 1987. Verwoerdburg Stad’s name was changed to Centurion in 1994 and the Canoe Club followed suit.

Centurion Canoe Club’s existence was being threatened in 1996 when the lake started silting up. CCC started seeking alternative waters and Pretoria Sailing Club (PSC) was approached. After long negotiations with PSC and the now Tshwane Municipality, the Club and all 40 members at the time, was officially allowed to paddle on Rietvlei Dam. Today, CCC shares the facilities with PSC and continues to enjoy access to Rietvlei Dam.

CCC is currently the second largest club in Gauteng with a strong active membership. Club members can be found paddling at the dam any day of the week and are often strong finishes at races and national events.

New Members & Proficiency

All new members should go through a quick orientation with a committee member to provide them with the necessary information to start paddling and enjoying the club facilities. There are a few rules that they need to be aware of for their safety as well as the safety of other members. The club offers “beginner paddling classes” that can be arranged by contacting our Level 1 coach or the club secretary.

Each member of CCC should complete a flatwater proficiency that is conducted by the club’s Safety Officer as the need arises. During orientation, the qualifying requirements will be discussed. The following equipment is required: paddlers need to have a boat (own or club), splash cover, PFD (life jacket) and a paddle. A CSA safety book will be given to all paddlers doing their proficiency. Flat water proficiencies take roughly 1 hour and will be conducted in small groups. Please contact the club Safety Officer to book your proficiency.


Paddling on Rietvlei

The club facilities, shared with Pretoria Sailing Club (PSC), are located within the Rietvlei Nature Reserve. This unique location has many benefits but also poses some unique requirements and risks.

The reserve is home to hippos which are often sighted in the dam. These animals should be treated with respect and should be given a wide zone when sited. Members and visitors are to report all hippo sightings to a club committee member. This is a known risk, and it remains the members, and visitors, decision to make use of the dam.

All dam users are to comply with the following rules and regulations.

  • Access to Rietvlei Dam, the PSC and CCC facilities is obtained by displaying CCC vehicle sticker on your car windscreen. Reserve gate access tags are issued to each member and access is gained to the reserve by swiping this tag at the gate. Entrance to the club grounds is controlled by a GSM Cell gate system. The gate phone number is issued to all members.
  • No boats may be on the water after sunset or before sunrise.
  • Paddling is only allowed in the designated areas which are marked by buoys as shown on the paddling route map.
  • Paddlers may only enter and exit the dam from the club premises.
  • Paddlers are to stay out of the fishermen and nature reserve areas.
  • Paddlers are not allowed to land on the bird island.
  • Only closed cockpit K1, K2 and K3 Kayaks, and S1 and S2 surf skis are allowed on the dam. No “fishing skis” or other recreational kayaks may be used.
  • All kayaks and surf skis used on Rietvlei Dam must display a Canoeing South Africa (CSA) registration number.
  • Rietvlei dam can on occasion experience severe winds and storms.
  • Members are encouraged to make use of splash covers / spray skirts
  • When paddling. In the event of lightning no paddling is allowed.
  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFD), that comply with the CSA regulations are to be worn at all times when on the water.
  • Kayaks are to be stored in the allocated boat racks. Boats and equipment not stored correctly will be impounded and reclaimable on payment of a fine.
  • Swimming is not allowed in the dam.
  • Visitors must at all times be accompanied by a registered CCC member.
  • Running is allowed in the fisherman’s/ camping section of the reserve.



What craft are allowed on the dam?

We are limited to the craft we are allowed to use on the dam, permissible crafts being K1, K2, K3, S1 & S2. We are, for example, not allowed on the dam with adventure, sit on-top, fishing kayaks or sup boards.

When are time trials?

Time Trials are Thursday afternoons, Summer months (Oct - Mar) 17:15, Winter months (Apr - Sept) 17:00

Can I view the facilities and try the sport before deciding to join?

Yes, you can arrange to view the facilities accompanied by a committee member and you can also book a beginner paddling lesson with our coach prior to joining. All equipment will be provided for this should you not have your own.

I don’t have my own equipment, do I need to buy before joining?

There is club equipment available to members for use

Do you have storage facilities for my boat?

Yes, we have boat racks for you to store your boat for a nominal annual fee

I’m a new member, can I use any equipment when I get to the club?

No, members equipment are also stored at the club. You are only allowed to utilize club equipment. Club boats have their own shed and are green and blue (matching our club colours) for easy identification.

Do I have to wear a life jacket (PFD) when paddling at Rietvlei?

Yes, it is compulsory to wear a PFD when paddling at Rietvlei.

What is the danger of having hippo in the dam?

We have had no incidents, but it is very important to steer clear of the area if hippo are spotted. To add to the safety, we are also not allowed to paddle before sunrise or after sunset as that is when they are most active. We have a course laid out where the hippos do not frequent, please stick to the demarcated buoys. Please join our club WhatsApp group for notifications if any hippo are spotted so you are aware of areas to avoid.

Where can I collect my windscreen sticker, access tag and boat rack keys once I’ve joined as a member?

This can be arranged with Club Chairman or Vice Chairman but will usually be on a Thursday evening after time trial.

Can I paddle at Rietvlei if I’m not a member?

Unfortunately, being in a nature reserve, it is required that you are a member or accompanied by a member to paddle at Rietvlei.


Paddling on Rietvlei

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